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Xcel Phoenix 5/4mm Wetsuit

Xcel Phoenix 5/4mm Wetsuit

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Xcel Phoenix 5/4mm Chest Zip Wetsuit 2021

The Xcel Phoenix 5/4mm chest zip wetsuit is a new addition to the Xcel range and gives you superior movement due to the high quality super stretch neoprene used in the suit. This suit is for those that want to feel like they are not wearing a wetsuit at all but still get the benefit for the thermal lining for warmth. The better your freedom of movement the less tired you get in the water thus you can enjoy your water sport for longer. The Phoenix gives you all the very latest in wetsuit technology at a great price and certainly worth considering if you want the ultimate in performance.


  • Superior stretch meets sealed infrared warmth
  • Channel flex upper body - incredible stretch in the wetsuit
  • New plush thermo lite infrared neck to ankle - retains body heat so you stay warmer for longer
  • 100% ultra flex lower body - unrestricted movement
  • Nanoprene lite Japanese limestone - high quality neoprene
  • Glide skin collar - extreme comfort


  • Watertight zipper
  • Engineered fit system


  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams - no water in-take
  • Fusion x tape - flexible taping
  • Nexskin wrist & ankle seals - reduced water in-take
  • Water-based glue - eco friendly
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