Custom Shapes

So, you've had your fair share of rides on pre-made boards and know what you like. Maybe it's time to get a custom shaped board?

At Freeriders we have various options for custom shapes, all created by experienced craftsmen based in Cornwall. Resin tints, channels, spray jobs, extra fins, carbon stringer, etc, just tell us what you need and we'll get it sorted.

If you're interested or have questions as to get how to get that dream board, give us a hollar at

 Used Boards 

If you're just starting out or still in the discovery process (hope you'll always be in this stage!) of riding different boards, perhaps you'd like to spend less by buying a used board. We carry up to 200 used boards at any given time. Visit our shop in Falmouth to get some honest professional advice on where next to take your surfing!