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Xcel Infiniti X2 Ltd Edition 5/4mm Wetsuit

Xcel Infiniti X2 Ltd Edition 5/4mm Wetsuit

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Xcel Infiniti X2 Ltd Edition 5/4mm Winter Wetsuit 2022

The Xcel Infiniti X2 5/4mm Limited Edition Chest Zip Wetsuit has been upgrade this year this some incredible new warmth and flexibility introductions. The difference between the standard Xcel Infiniti X2 and the Limited Edition is the Radiant Rebound thermal lining on the Limited Edition is throughout the suit excluding the arms and shoulders where in the Infiniti X2 is just on the chest and back. This means you are getting a warmer suit which will keep you in the water for longer.

Looking at what is new for 2022 the Radiant Rebound thermal lining utilizes a metal lining under the textile that blocks cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer and reflects heat generated within the wetsuit back toward the body keeping you warmer for longer. It's a quick dry wetsuit which is designed to hold less water keeping you smiling in the water even on the coldest of winter days.

The new Chanel Flex neoprene is lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material that breaks up tension by reducing fiber & water weight. This allows you to move with complete freedom and changes the way a wetsuit feels when on. These are really huge upgrades and will change the way you think about wearing a wetsuit.

This is certainly a high performance suit that is not only super warm but makes you feel that you are not wearing a wetsuit at all and it is also more environmentally friendly using water based glues & limestone neoprene.


  • Ideal core heat production
  • Updated features
  • New radiant rebound
  • Channel flex upper body
  • Channel flex upper body – weightless, unrestricted stretch
  • Radiant rebound upper body – weightless, unrestricted stretch
  • Plush thermo lite lower body
  • 100% ultra flex lower body
  • Nanoprene lite japanese limestone – lighter, softer, warmer
  • Glide skin collar – prevents flushing
  • Dope-dye yarn – soft, eco-friendly anti-fade
  • Semi-dry zipper – magnetic closure – keeps water out
  • Engineered fit system – fits like a second skin
  • Back knee flex grooves – prevents bunching
  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams
  • Fusion x tape – heat-pressure bonded seam protection
  • Nexskin wrist & ankle seals – minimizes flushing
  • Water based glue
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