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Ocean & Earth

Ocean & Earth MR Epoxy Twin Fin Softboard 6’0”

Ocean & Earth MR Epoxy Twin Fin Softboard 6’0”

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Dimensions: 6'0 X 21' X 2 5/8'
Volume: 41.2L

Core: EPS - X2 T Ply Stringers

Deck: Embossed EVA

Bottom: 1mm HDPE

Fin Box: 3 fin thruster set up. Single Tab (Futures compatible) fin box.


Includes PU Twin Fin Set (Classic MR template) + Fin Key


Bottom Curve- Concave to Vee Channel Bottom.
Outline - Classic Mark Richards designed outline.
Twin fin setup + Trailer- MR Designed twin fin placement. Futures compatible fin box.

Additional Soft Board Features

Eps Core - Highly waterproof & lightweight. 2x stringers increase board strength and maintain rocker.
HDPE Bottom Plate - 1mm thick HDPE high density polyethelene plate. Durable, extra strength performance slick.
Interchangeable Fin Box - Compatible with single tab / Future fins. Allows quick and easy fin changing. Secures with fin key.
PU Textured Deck Skin - Grippy textured deck surface. Highly water resistant and extremely durable. Excellent grip and impact resistant.
Warranty - Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.

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