25 Years of Freeriders

25 Years of Freeriders

Keith was interviewed recently for the The Falmouth Packet talking about the inception of Freeriders and his ongoing commitment to the Falmouth/South West surfing community. 

Here's the write-up if you missed it.

THE humble beginning started at Swanpool beach in the mid-1960s. In 1998 Keith Richards made the decision to establish a surf shop that would become the go to destination store for all your surfing needs located in his hometown of Falmouth in the also world famous county of Cornwall.

Freeriders surf shop has since become renowned for its commitment to the local community and visitors alike in providing the finest wetsuts, surfboards, and surfing hardware accessible to everyone weather your 7 or 70 and the team will try their very best to accommodate you all.

Freeriders vision was and still is very clear from the start of trading and still remains un-wavering to offer their customers the most fun on the correct equipment for their ocean adventures.

In store there is a member of staff who is in charge of PR; that is Billy who makes sure the team's philosophy is centred around pursuing your passion for
the ocean and do what you love and love what you do, Life comes a lot easier for mind body and soul at To the team it does not matter whether you are a seasoned pro or starting your own ocean adventures we would like to see you, because we will try and help you discover and provide a service and commitment that we have built up over 25 years.

Keith and the team have competed on a national and international stage at different water sports with a very high success rate against what are regarded as
world class competitors, so the teams attention to detail is all for our customers benefit and we will try and give a service that's second to none and which we
are very proud of being one of the longest running independent surf stores in the country which speaks volumes of the commitment and loyalty we give our customers. Fortunately over lots of years of competing and travelling and meeting lots of people with a huge amount of experience Keith has created from the very
start some global brands that have been tried and tested to the max so it's another reassurance to the quality of products we will supply our customers and
team riders to try and maximise your ocean experience to date.

If you're not looking for any technical advice on ocean sports, Freeriders also got to covered by doing their own range of relaxed and cool apparel called
Kernowfornia Republic which is Keith version of times spent in California living the dream in our very own stunning beautiful county.

The store has also got an extensive range of pre-loved wetsuits and surfboards if you just feel it will be an easier way of experiencing our oceans.

All we want you to do is stay safe have fun and keep smiling whilst taking it easy.


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