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At Ocean And Earth we stock a huge range surfboard leashes. We’ve got surfboard leashes for shortboards, fishes, longboards, and even stand up paddle boards! Our surfboard leashes come in a range of colours and lengths. Not sure what surfboard leash to get? Click through the range of surfboard leash images and you’ll find a helpful diagram we’ve created. We made this to ensure that you pick the best surfboard leash for you and your regular wave size conditions.

Ocean And Earth uses the latest technology to develop and create our surfboard leashes. Back in 2010, we launched the World’s Strongest Leash. This unique design was a fully moulded surfboard leash as opposed to the previous three-piece heat welded surfboard leash. As surfers, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our surfboard leashes!

We believe that this consistent pursuit of perfection is what makes Ocean And Earth surfboard leashes the best. You need to be able to trust your surfboard leash. This goes for all surfers. For beginners your surfboard leash will ensure your board stays close to you. For advanced surfers your surfboard leash grants you the knowledge of which direction the surface is if you stack it on a big one and get stuck in the washing machine! At Ocean And Earth we are dedicated to creating and selling the best surfboard leashes for all surfers. 

As you can tell, Ocean And Earth’s history is entwined with Australian surf culture. We are still Australian owned and operated! This makes of one of the only Australian surfing brands still owned and ran in Australia! Our surfboard leashes are pioneered and designed in Australia using our surfer insights and the latest technological developments. What defines O & E and makes us different from other Australian surfing brands is our commitment to innovate, create, design, and deliver only the highest quality surfboard leashes and other surfing essentials!

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