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The Mindless Flash Snake is a classic flash tattoo inspired design, with a split white/natural background. Essentially a traditional skateboard concave deck with a unique outer shape.

Great for tricks, park and bowls fitted as standard with Mindless Gen X trucks, taking this board to the next level. Excusive to Mindless, the Gen X trucks is a light weight, purpose designed SKP truck. There’s nothing ‘off the shelf’ about it.

Details :

  • Length: 32"
  • Width: 8.5"
  • Deck : 7 ply Canadian Maple
  • Trucks : 149mm Mindless Gen X Trucks
  • Bushings : 95A
  • Wheels : Mindless Sucka Wheels 86A, 55x34mm with 24mm contact patch
  • Bearings : ABEC-7 Chrome
  • Colours : Natural/White
  • Wheelbase : 17.75" or 18"
  • Maximum Rider Weight : 100kg

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