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Beyond B5 template fibreglass Thruster Set with a precision foil in multiple layers of a quality, pure fibreglass – to fit Future boxes. Engineered to exacting standards for tunable flex surfboards to provide a variable stiffness fin for drive and transition through a wide range of manoeuvres. A medium area fin for all waves up to 6’+, and where faces or hollow waves demand ultimate drive and traction!

Try B3’s for far less area giving quicker release, or the B7’s in larger surf or hollow waves for connection and drive you can rely on.  Beyond Ultraglass fins are designed to provide better high flex patterns from tip to base for extreme surfing situations. Fibreglass fins provide feel and zap and are still the choice of many surfers.

For a different flex and drive pattern try the Beyond Carboncore fin range, or the Flexcore range of hex glass fins.

Comes complete with a zipped protective storage pack.

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