Black Witch Neoprene Repair Kit

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C-Skins Neoprene Repair Kit with Black Witch Adhesive, a quick drying neoprene adhesive especially formulated for use on neoprene to repair nicks, cuts, etc.

Superb for those on the spot neoprene repairs. Handy pre-cut single cell neoprene patches (very thin neoprene) and the ever popular Black Witch neoprene adhesive for those 'wholly' emergencies.

If you've stored your wetsuit in the garden shed/garage (shame on you!) and the mice have had a nibble over the winter - look no further.

Blackwitch Adhesive is a flexible and strong, liquid neoprene adhesive ideal for all manner of neoprene repairs - the most recognised neoprene adhesive.

A MUST for any spares and repairs kit.

Pack contains:

1 x tube neoprene glue

3 x 1" Neoprene Discs

3 x 1.5" Neoprene Discs

3 x 2" Neoprene Discs

1 x 12" Neoprene Tape


  1. Locate the rip, tear or leaking area and clean the surrounding area with fresh water and allow to dry.
  2. Apply wetsuit glue to the fingernail cut
  3. Take a neoprene repair disk of a suitable size and draw around the disk so the hole is in the center
  4. Apply one coat of glue to the open cell of the neoprene disk and one coat of glue to the circle marked on the inside of the Neoprene, allow 5-6 hours drying time (do not at this stage attach the two together)
  5. Apply a second coat of glue and low to dry for 2-3 minutes, then apply the patch and push the two layers firmly together.
  6. Lay the neoprene garment on a flat surface and put a heavy weighted object on the patch and leave to set for 24 hours.


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