White Water Robe

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The White Water robe is designed to be a much cheaper alternative to the already existing similar products, whilst being of a very high quality. This product will inspire you to stay active in the harshest of conditions, whilst keeping you warm and comfortable.

The design allows you to get changed quickly and easily with minimal hassle, whilst protecting you from the elements. White Water robes are not a standard fit, instead will be large and loose enough to allow you to move freely.

Increase your love and passion of the outdoors, with the world’s most affordable premium hard shell changing robe.


  • Thick outer shell acts as duvet, keeping you warm in the harshest of conditions
  • Inner lining is made up of synthetic lambswool, which is luxurious and very warm, soft and comfortable  
  • Use continuously without ever feeling wet or cold
  • Keep your spirits high whilst preserving your energy from the protection of the elements
  • Keep your body temperature and muscles warm, allowing you to achieve the most from your sport
  • The heavy-duty zip is salt and fresh water resistant.
  • Outside pockets, to keep your hands warm
  • Light, and easily foldable, allowing for easy transportation



  • Thick heavy-duty outer shell, that is waterproof and windproof
  • Very warm and soft synthetic lambswool inner lining, allowing for upmost comfort
  • Large fleeced hood
  • Long sleeve
  • Kangaroo pocket, keeping your hands warm
  • Light and easily foldable construction


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